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What is Linklocal?

Why use traditional local media when advertising on TV screens is now affordable and easy to use?

Linklocal lets any small business advertise on screens in nearby places such as stores, surgeries and leisure facilities.

Payment options for any budget!

How do I place an ad?

Linklocal lets you place your ad in front of your customers in 3 simple stages:-

1. FInd your nearest screen

2. Pick a template & add your text

3. Check out to place your ad

Did you know?

We have 1269 screens in a 5 mile radius of all 2012 sporting venues across the UK!

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Interested in affordable local advertising?

The best way for a small business to gain prominence is through affordable local advertising. Small business marketing is an incredibly important move for the smaller business to take when it wants its message to go further, increase its revenue and accentuate its brand. The business has to strategise and be measured in its approach, though, and learn to walk before it can run. Local business marketing holds an awful lot of power. By building up a solid core base of customers through local business marketing, a small company can generate a steady flow of revenue whilst also cultivating a loyal customer base.

Your core, local customers are key to future growth, which is why reaching out to them through small business marketing is crucially important. No company just materialises into the public domain larger than life, offering an excellent degree of service. It takes time. Small business advertising has played an enormous part in providing strong foundations for businesses across the globe, proving that the best way to make it big in business is to start off local through small business advertising.

Reach a new, untapped market when small business advertising with Linklocal

Many of the businesses we have offered local advertising space to here at Linklocal comment on the diversity of the customers they reach and, more importantly, the volume. Our small business advertising services are eye-catching and last long in the memory, helping you to build a structured and tailored campaign for your needs.

You can target four key disciplines through Linklocal which are essential small business marketing avenues. Our categories include local advertising on healthcare networks, leisure networks, convenience networks and forecourt advertising. Forecourt advertising is especially popular, as your small business advertising campaign can potentially reach an enormous, consistent flow of people who can't help but pay attention to your advertisement.

The incredible benefits of forecourt advertising

Forecourt advertising is unique in that though your small business marketing campaign will be running through an Amscreen in a local garage or petrol station, it has the potential to spread your local business marketing message to a nationwide audience of travellers who are constantly on the move. Whether through an Amscreen in view of the pumps or from within the sanctity of the station itself, forecourt advertising is a great way to entice passers-by to take notice of the products and services your company can offer to them.

Of course, there are other avenues other than forecourt advertising that your local advertising strategy can take advantage of. Remember, word of mouth is free, and still one of the best forms of local business marketing available. Small business advertising through means such as leisure networks, healthcare centres and convenience stores gives you access to a massive local audience that can only continue to grow in time.

The easiest option for local business marketing

Advertising a local business marketing campaign through Linklocal couldn't be easier. Simply visit our site with your small business marketing strategy to hand and enter your postcode into our search field. You'll then be presented with a list of nearby Amscreens that your local advertising campaign could potentially appear on. Choose which area you feel would be best suited to your local business marketing plans and select which industry you want your local advertising campaign to centralise on.

We can show you the average monthly audience that your small business marketing campaign will be reaching out to, alongside a list of templates for you to customise. All you then have to do is place your order and your local advertising campaign is complete - it's as simple as that! Small business advertising through Linklocal couldn't be easier, with positive rewards that really help promote your brand.

Targeted small business advertising is essential for long-term growth

Local business marketing through Linklocal is a fantastic way to get your business in the public eye on an almost instantaneous basis. Our clients include the NHS, Esso, Texaco, Shell, BP and more, meaning you'll be tapping into a rich public resource when you create an advertisement through Linklocal - especially if you're considering forecourt advertising!

With such a broad range of fuel-based clients, you'll be getting an immense amount of exposure when you choose to employ forecourt advertising through Linklocal. The same applies for angling your small business marketing campaign through any other of our key networks. Health centres, leisure centres and convenience markets of all shapes and sizes experience massive volumes of public traffic on a daily basis. It's up to you to harness it by small business marketing through our advertising services here at Linklocall.

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